2006 Infiniti M35/45

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As you can see, the production version (top) is very close to that teaser/concept they showed us last year (bottom).

One of these “concept” that was actually the production car with a few changes.

What a change from the current M45! That car looks like one of these generic cars from an Architecture illustration..

And for the 1st time, the G35’s V6 will be the base engine. The V8 is still available.

The production interior replaces the aluminum finish with wood. Tons of it. That’s a bit too bad.

It is still one of the most modern interior out there. And with an aggressive and classy exterior design, that car can’t loose.

Let’s hope they’ll price it right.

That is pretty much the last nail in the Cadillac STS coffin.That “all new” model now already looks completely out dated next to the Infiniti M35/45, the new Acura RL and the new Lexus GS!

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  1. Yet another Taurus-inspired design! What happened in the 1990s? Did all the world’s car designers drink the Ford Kool-Aid?

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