2006 Mustang V6

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That’s right. The 2005s are not out yet,(there might even be delayed due to some engine problems…) that we already have a picture of the 2006/07. The V6 that is.

The GT will not change, but a year after introduction,(maybe later if there are any more delays) the base model is scheduled to get an all new 3.5 Liter V6 engine. That engine will be smaller than the 2005 4.0 Liter V6, but will easily out power it, with better fuel mileage.

Power should be at least 220 hp, versus 200hp for the older, but larger engine.

It will find its way in the Ford 500/Mercury Montego as well as the all new Lincoln Zephyr.

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  1. What an odd picture. The white car in the background creates a trompe l’oeille effect giving the GT a hatchback!

  2. I know. It is a “fastback” but not a hatchback. Kind of what they used to do in the 60’s.
    I wish it WAS a hatch. If it looks like one anyway, why not?!?!

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