2006 VW Jetta Convertible

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Let’s go nuts and call the Concept C (shown last year at Auto shows) the Jetta convertible. Because that’s pretty much what it is.

The all new 2005 Jetta is coming out in a few months, and this “Concept C’ looks just like it.

Replace the ugly chrome wheels by smaller ones, and you pretty much have the production version. And one of the rare affordable hard top Convertible available in the US.

The engines will be the same as in the new Jetta. The new 2.o Liter for 150hp, and maybe the turbo version of that engine for 200hp. (same as in the new GTI).

As you can see, the interior is still nothing to be exited about. But hey, at least it’ll be well made. And not cheap looking.

And the car shouldn’t cost much more that around $25 000.

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