All new Hummer H3

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Another gas guzzler, coming up!!!

The new H3 is the “small” Hummer. The H1 being the original army beast, that was never ment to be on public roads. The H2 is a redesigned Chevy Tahoe, for over $50 000!.

This new H3 is based on GM’s mid-size pick up truck! That should make for a nice ride. Especially for the little kids who will ride on the back seats of that monster…

Because most of the clients will be young moms, with 1 or 2 kids.

Not the “cool, trendy jerks’ they will, no doubt, feature in the comercials.

But I have to say, the actual “Tonka toy” inspired design fits the truck. It looks exactly like what it is. And they will sell tons of it…

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  1. I am a proud owner of the new H3, and I love it. I rides nice and isn’t bad on the gas, I have rode in the H2 and this is much more comfortable. I LOVE MY H3!!!

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