Chrysler 300C Wagon

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Another on we can’t buy here. And this is an American car!

In the US, Chrysler (Now Mercedes) decided to sell their large car as a sedan,the 300C, while they were “giving” the wagon version of that same car to Dodge, the Magnum.

These cars are basically the same, except the Dodge being a little bit cheaper, has a simpler grille with no chrome, and a slightly different dashboard inside. One is just a wagon version of the other.

So what if they decided to put the Chrysler grille on the Dodge Magnum. Then you’d get the 300C Wagon. Only available in Europe! Why???

Because Dodge in almost completely unknown over there. While Europeans remember Chryslers from the 60’s and 70’s when they were sold under Sumbeam (England) and Simcas (rest of Europe).

And they’ve been pretty successful with their minivans over the past few years. Even the PT Cruiser (with a Mercedes diesel engine) seems to work pretty well…

So that means: NO DODGE.

Everything is a Chrysler. So far…

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  1. I’ve never seeon a 300C Wagon, and only 2 or 3 sedans. I did see a Sebring cabrio a few days ago that was called a Chrysler Stratus.

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