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This is what the “small Cadillac” model might look like. It is still a couple of years away, and is mainly designed for the European market.

Well… So they say. Small, overpriced cars from Europe like the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 or Mercedes C Class are very popular over here. So you know Cadillac can’t wait to have something to compete in that area…

It will be based on the next Saab midsize platform. And might even be built over there. That would make it an import over here. Just like the Alante in the 80’s…

And that’s pretty much what the 2006 DTS will look like. That’s right, no more Deville. It’s all letters now at Cadillac’s.

In their obsession to compete with European brands, they are throwing their history in the toilet!

Unlike all other new Cadillacs, the DTS isn’t intended to compete with german cars. But to keep the older customers “home”.

So the car will be based on the current Front Wheel Drive platform.

And the ride should stay smooth. Thank God!

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