Suzuki “Heart Stand”

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For some people, this car is so cute it’ll make them throw up!

But I happen to think that it is pretty cool. God knows if we need fun cars. In a world of Corollas and Civics, that little thing looks like an amusement park!

Of course, we’ll NEVER get that over here.

Suzuki prefers to sell us warmed up Daewoo cars from Korea. They are good cars, but really, that “Heart stand” looks like it would put a smile on your face every time you take it for a drive…

Like most cool cars, the Heart stand is based on another model, usually a boring one. Liek the PT Cruiser/Dodge neon, the Ford Thunderbird/Lincoln LS or the VW Beetle/VW Golf.

This one is based on the,Japanese market only, Alteo. A tiny little thing of unremarcable design…

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