2006 Mustang Convertible

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It looks great!

We will be able so see it better once it is shown at the Detroit auto show in January. And let’s hope they start at around $25000. The base coupe being around $20000…

Nothing new here. No roll bars, hidden or not. No hard top convertible. Just the plain old Mustang Convertible. And that’s a great thing.

This should actually be more pleasant to drive than the coupe. That car seats low and the roof itself is very low. Which gave me a weird unpleasant feel when I finally sat inside one a few days ago…

It was almost beging to be a convertible.

But from these pictures, it looks like the top of the windshield ends right up where your head is!

That’s the bad side of these modern, slick designs. The Mini and Beetle convertible are quite the opposite.

We’ll see…

(photos AMS)

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  1. Rumor has it that the Mustang convertible will actually be unveiled at the Los Angeles show, not the Detroit show.

    — Johnny Jersey

  2. Well, L.A would be great! “cause I’m gonna be there!!!

    Yes, the top looks great folded, flat! And it still looks very nice with the top up. Unlike the Nissan Z…

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