2007 Camry design.

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No… This is NOT the new Camry. It is th enew Toyota Mark X.


Even thought the Mark is rear wheel drive, it has, at least recently, been design to look very similar to the North American Camry.

So don’t be surprised if most of the lines on this car end up on the all new 2007 Camry.

The 2007 will be an all new design based on the current platform.

Just so you know what I’m talking about…

The current Mark is the car above, underneath is the current Camry. As you can see, they look almost exactly the same.

And that might be the same story for the next Camry.

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  1. Obviously you Americans are so hungry for cool cars, but I guess you’ll be disappointed once again. Why? The current Toyota Mark looks a lot better then it’s platform donor Camry. There’s no doubt the next Camry will be frontwheel drive and it will be as boring as the current one. We Europeans get the Avensis and it looks so much cooler. Obviously you Americans are not only ultraconservative, but also ultraboring.

  2. Well. I saw the Avensis, and it looks about as boring as the Camry to me.
    When I speak about cooler cars for Europe, the Avensis is really not first on the list.
    It’s one of the most boring cars on the European market.
    Why would anyone pick this over a Peugoet 407, or even a Mondeo is beyong me…

  3. We’re talking about Toyotas here so I mentioned the Avensis. Yes, currently there’s nothing cooler on the road here than the P407. Everybody wants one. The French are totally dominant in every segment now, only in over-$40K-segment the Germans are still running their battle.

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