Take your car to the beach!!!

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That’s right! Look at this ad from the 70’s.

Who would think of actually driving that car on the beach?!

But they did it, just because they thought it looked cool.(that swedish model is also taking her wild animal for a walk on the sand…) That’s what they do now with SUV ads. And these, will also look stupid in 25 years…

Look at this one! Almost in the water. And that seems to be the way she likes it.

That’s a pretty impossible place to park!

But they did it, and these people look happy.

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  1. This entry reminded me of one of the first commercials I worked on in the early 70s. It was for a hatchback (I don’t remember if it was a Pinto or Vega) – shot on the beach. The car kept breaking down and had to be pushed over the sand on plywood sheets. Ironically, a few feet feet from the car’s final camera position, there was a sign that warned “No Parking Or Camping On The Beach!”

    The definition of a commercial: Lies in the service of selling a crappy product!

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