2006 Lincoln Zephyr.

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Well…. That doesn’t seem too bad, until you remember the “Zephyr concept” from last year!

The interior isn’t that different, but just enough! It just isn’t as nice as the concept (bottom). The nice detailing is just not there anymore! It looks really cheap. Like a horrible mistake was made.

And what happened there?!?!

Where did that nice rear end go? It now looks heavy and bloated!

The whole thing looks like what it is: a rebadged Ford Vision. Look at the profile!!!

I mean, the production model looks like a much older design than last year’s concept (bottom). It has to be one of the worst translation from teaser concept to production. What were they thinking?

How can they end up with a car so different from the one from last year. It is amazing!

It is really sad that Ford decided not to make any effort into making Lincoln a true luxury brand.

At least Cadillac is trying!

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  1. I’m so not impressed by this. I do not like the back end. It looks a bit like a prior generation Volvo. The concept was so nice but this is disappointing. The color doesn’t help as well. It is the same color as a Ford 500 on the lot at the local Ford dealer.

    Not a single other website is showing these pictures. Is there supposed to be a stop on publication before Midnight on January 9th (prior to the NAIAS)?

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