2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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This is , so far, the only official view of the next Mitsubishi Ecliple.

It is, as usual, based on the Galant. So this one is based on the all new Galant that came out last year.

You can expect similar engines as well.

With the Celica gone, the Eclipse might be the only choice for a sporty hatchback coupe. The Scion Tc beiong more of a 2 door sedan…

That same platform will also be used by Chrysler for the Sebring replacement. But there will be no Sebring coupe this time around. Just a sedan and Convertible. As well as the usual Dodge versions. That may be a hatchback mid-sezed sedan…

We’ll get to see the Eclipse in January.

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  1. I hate to speculate (especially since there are no really good pics of this car in the flesh, although there are actual spy pics out there…), but I don’ think that this car will do anything to pull Mitsu out of the crapper. It’s proportions are very odd, and it’s all wrapped in a package that’s two sizes too large. It’ll be interesting to see what the final product will be (and whether or not I’ll have to eat my words 🙂

  2. I think you’re absolutely right…
    The Eclipse has always been a nice car. But never enough to pull a whole brand. Like the PT Cruiser did for Chrysler.
    They need something nobody else has. And this doesn’t seem to be “it”.

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