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At the Detroit show, BMW will present the new wagon version of their 5 series sedan.

As you can see, it couldn’t be less original. Just a straight wagon version of a sedan.

Nothing like what the Dodge Magnum is to the Chrysler 300. ..

Engines are the same too. But now, all wheel drive is available. (wow!!!!!)

This is the big news! A 2 piece hatch. Just what most truck based SUVs have been offering for over 30 years!

That and an oversized sunroof.

I guess, if you are in the market for a german wagon over $50 000, you don’t have that many choices, and that might just be the ticket…

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  1. Vince,
    How do you put down a BMW??
    The Chrysler 300C is no big deal… if you look at the 300C Wagon in europe – it’s a straight wagon out of a sedan.

  2. I can put it down also. You know why? Because it’s a station wagon. And so is the magnum. I dont care what you say, they are both wagons. Just slap some fake wood paneling on the sides and your all set.


    — Johnny Jersey

  3. You can slap em’ down….
    But no way in blue hell can u compare a chrysler to a bwm – a world standard.
    wagon or not!!
    the 4.4 V8 can takeout 5.7 v8 anyday!
    not to 4get the fit and finish and world class handling!!

  4. they are both embarassing to drive. The BMW even moreso. I would rather be caught driving the Magnum. I dont care how much “world class” you think is in the BMW.

  5. I know how people feel about BMWs…

    But I really think they could do much better with their wagons.
    Their approach is still “make the roof longer”.

    At least Chrysler tried to put some style into it.
    Even the European version with the 300 front end looks quite a bit different from the sedan. The roofline is new and much sleeker

    And that rather small BMW is going to be at least $45000 with just a couple of options. A loaded Magnum is well over $10000 less!
    Making good cars shouldn’t prevent them from making them just a little bit better looking, does it?

  6. Even though I am quite critical of the new 5-series styling, I will have to come the BMW’s defense. BMW makes wagons because there are people who for good reasons, like BMWs yet appreciate the utility of a wagon. Simple as that. They don’t have to go out of their way on the rear styling because the inherent qualities of the rest of the car are the core of its appeal. BMW simply has no compelling reason to compromise utility for some sport appearance. The “sport” is in the car itself.

    On the other hand, the Magnum needs its sloping “chopped” rear roof to attract Americans who still incoherntly reject “station wagons” while desiring everything station wagons can do. A normal roofed Magnum would be panned as “just a station wagon”, and largely hounded out of existance.

    Dodge is also probably betting on its bold exterior styling to overcome its attrociously cheap instrument panel.

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