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This concept shows what the Mercury version of the Ford Freestyle would look like.

And just like the Mariner, the Mercury version of the Escape, it looks much, much better than the Ford.

Even though changes are minimals. Mostly trim, front and rear end.

The Concept is powered by a hybrid diesel/electric engine.

That would be great, but good luck waiting for a production version of that!

It’a already almost impossible to get your hands on a Hybrid Escape…

The weirdest thing about this concept, is the offiial sketch they released a few weeks ago.

It looks completely different than the real thing!!

Look at the front end. And the door handles. The illustration looks like the car has either suicide or minivan style rear doors!!!

What gives…

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  1. Am I seeing things? Are the door handles on the right side of the vehicle different than the door handles on the left?

  2. You’re right! I didn’t even notised this.
    On the 2nd shot, they look like the ones AMC used in the 70’s!

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