Mitsubishi Colt Cabrio

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This is another great looking car from Mitsubishi that they won’t send to the US.

You would think that a desperate brand would try everything they can to sell cars on what is their largest market!

But they keep selling their best ones overseas. And send us the boring stuff like Lancer or Galant. Or their weird and clumbsy looking SUVs…

This car was just announced in Europe, where it will be built by Pininfarina in Italy.

This is the “regular” 3 door Colt for the European market. It just went on sale over there. The 5 door version came out last year.

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  1. I think some of these tiny euro cars dont meet our bumper/safety requirements. Thats why some of them are not sold here…? They are cool cars, and I think they would sell quite well here. Especially in cities. Those things would make parking in Hoboken much easier!

    — Johnny Jersey

  2. The US bumper requirement used to be 5mph.
    This was reduced by the Reagan administration to 2.5mph.
    Most manufacturers, like Ford, still have 5mph bumpers, but they don’t have to. I don’t think the mini Cooper does.
    And the Mercedes E class has some of the weakest bumpers on the US market.
    So I am not sure that European and US regulations are that different anymore like they used to be.
    And yes, I think the garden state would welcome the Smart with open arms!

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