Even more 2005 Avalon!

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The first time I saw pictures of that car, I must admit I was a little dissapointed. I was just expecting more, visually.

But that’s not what the car is about.

It is about pure comfort and quality. And the more I see of it, the more these are very obvious.

Here you can see the difference between the wood trim in the Limited model (top),

and the fake alumilnum trim Touring model.

More detail on the non-navigation model (here a Touring)

And, what a back seat!!!

A perfect family car! With lots of room.

that’s what American sedans used to be!

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  1. It looks like there is an adjustment button on the side of the back seat bottom. Could this be a reclining feature? Nice touch if it is.

    Navigation systems are extremely distracting especially at night. The Touring model has a large blue information screen that looks to be even more obnoxious for night driving. I remember having a car with a blue high-beam light so bright and large that I had to put tape over it.

    With all the other attention to detail that Toyota has put into the new Avalon, I hope there will be a dimmer switch for this display screen. At least you can turn off navigation systems.

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