Familiar rear end…

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When I saw this (the new Cadillad DTS/Deville rear end), it reminded me of something I’d seen before. Often…

But not really something good…

That’s IT!!! Yes!

That’s almost the same design as the 1991 Chrysler New Yorker that is sitting in my neighbor”s (Marvin Schlomsky) driveway! It dates back when Chrysler was designing all its cars with a wooden stick!!!

That’s not really a design I would think anyone would want to copy. Even 15 years later!

Whre is the so called, “art and science” theme??? The common thread with the STS and CTS.

Let’s hope this is just ann “optical illusion”, and that the real car looks much better…

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  1. What are the 2 items next to the diet coke on the trunk of Marvins car?

    How come Phil never posts to your blog? Are you two arguing again?

  2. I’m not sure what they are. But Schlomsky is a jerk who washes his car twice a day!
    I guess they are some of his home made car care products.

    Phil’s busy with “extra” work…

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