Jeep Gladiator

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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this pick up truck would be a big hit if ever produced.

Most truck people like the Jeep’s rugged old fashion look.

And this also would be the 1st retro design pick up truck!

It is based on the Wrangler frame and uses the 2.8Liter Diesel from the Liberty.

A red neck’s heaven…

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  1. It’s as aerodynamic as a brick, and good luck trying to see past that spare tire when you look in the side mirror. But I like the damn thing!

  2. I think its ok on a Jeep.
    They don’t make any sense anyway. This is 2005 and most people do their driving on paved streets…

  3. I think the car fits the image of Jeep. It looks great to me and if it were ever made I would consider looking at one. It would fit my needs perfectly for light outdoor activities but still usable in the city.

  4. Supposedly the front end is the same front end the redesigned Wrangler will use in the near future. I was hoping for a bit more change personally.

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