Pontiacs in Los Angeles

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As you can see, I think the Pontiac brand was the bright spot of the Los Angeles auto show.

This G6 Coupe looks better than almost any other US cars.

The only problem it might have (besides a crappy image) is the competition from the G6 convertible.

Too bad we still have to wait untile next fall (!)

As I said before, it is too bad such a good looking car has to settle for an OK interior.

They again said the Solstice would start at under $20 000. That means $19 995 in plain english.

They drove it a bit to get to the stage, and the engine sounds really nice and refined.

That car should be great!

Next spring!

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  1. I heard that at the LA show press briefing, they were actually bragging about how this was a “parts bin” car. Steering from the Colbalt, fog lights from the Torrent, differential from the Colorado or whatever…

    I guess that brings lots of whoops and hurrahs from some Accounting floor in Detroit, but what do the rest of us care? Does such a Frankenstein development policy sound like the way to build a pure sports car? And deliver a pure sports car experience? Particularly when we will see an all new Miata at about the same time?

    You can bet that Mazda will saying the exact opposit. About how much development went into making the new Miata deliver an ideal sports car driving experience. The special parts they developed here, the weight they shaved there…

    The Solstice and the Sky will probably not drive too badly, and it sounds like they will have decent power. But after a drive in the new Miata, I bet they will feel like trucks, which, I guess, they partially are.

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