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It seems like Lexus is really getting a coupe version of the new IS ready.
And the 1st model might be this 5.0 Liter V8 version.

I am not sure if the V8 will be available in the sedan or the upcoming convertible.
And no word either on a V6 Coupe.

I also heard of January 2007 as a launch date.
But these are still just rumors, and this is still just an illustration…

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  1. NO F’ING WAY!!!

    Must………resist……….urge……….to …..compliment……….Toyota…….

    aw hell.

    I dig it. Damn, I already like more than the G35! Wait a sec…..could that force Infiniti to bring forth a G45!?!?!

  2. Can someone at Toyota please understand that the American consumer, as well as the Japanese consumer, AND the European consumer ALL WANT iPOD INTEGRATION!!!

    It’s pissing me off. SERIOUSLY, get on that wagon, please! I’m going to have to switch to Mercedes-Benz soon if they don’t offer it in the IS350. It’s a luxury car, and they can’t offer one of the simplest and best luxuries: choice of music. Who uses CDs anymore anyway?

  3. So is the big ol 302 just a stroked version of the new 4.6L engine from the LS? Thats crazy, especially since the IS is pretty scary fast with the 3.5L.

  4. DAMN! That looks hot! I was planning to buy a 3-series convertible, but I think I can wait. Damn, and better quality too. Best looking Toyota I have ever seen. Except maybe the 2000GT.

  5. “Hmmm…mabye the previous post was trying to say “own” and “the”??? Try spellcheck asshole!”

    Actually “PWN” and “teh lose” is how it’s supposed to be written. Someone needs to catch up with the lingo.

  6. What a car like this means is fierce competition between the three largest japanese car companies. Then later between the german big three. Afterward to a lesser extent the american big three will join in. But whatever happens the COMPACT luxury horsepower numbers are about to explode.

  7. actually BMW can’t kick anyone’s ass but their own for bringing out low quality, overpriced VW type cars. The ASSkicking will be successfully performed by the king in the category, INFINITI!!!!!!

  8. infiniti the king of the category that was funny, maybe if everyone made cars that looked like cheap nissans, with $15,000 interiors and $30,000 price tags, with altima engines they would be as good as infiniti lol. yeah right the 3 series is king in this segment sales, magazines, numbers, and owners say so. and by the way the 333hp m3 is as quick as a 450 rs4, 400 ctsv, and a 360hp c55, it took 300 horsepower for the is,and g35 to compete with the likes of a 255hp 330i, nobody can touch bmw cars nobody……and vw type every vw car that isnt a phaeton is fwd,and nothing like bmws, and alot closer to saabs, fwd turbo etc. i see why people buy those lowly nissans they dontknow any better……lol

  9. It took BMW to release a turbo version of the 3 series to keep up with Lexus. I have a an IS 350 – and I DOMINATE the BMW 3 series. In fact, I won’t even a race a new 3 series unless it’s had work done or it’s and M3. It’s just a waste of my gas. Even the new 3 series coupe has 300 horsepower and twin freakin turbos and it is still only bests the IS 350 by .2 seconds in 0-60 times. If I stuck a turbo charger in my 350 – again I would DOMINATE the BMW 3 series including the coupe – and for about 7,000 less dollars. And I have keyless entry, keyless start, and a damn rear-view camera.

    BMW can’t top that. They are all hype.

  10. Bmw’s new 335i has 3-liter engine with twin turbos rated at 300 HP, 300 lb-ft of torque. Toyota did that in 93, only with 320 HP, 315 lb-ft of torque. That was 14 years ago and they called it the Supra. These guys were and still are ahead of their time.

  11. Yo this is bull shit they wont put a 5 liter in an IS. That is a bigger engine than the new LS and the LX. I dont believe this shit and I think its dumb that lexus is doing this becasue its gonna hold buyers back from buying the IS 350 waiting for this non existant car. I have an IS 350 and it is plenty fast for the consumer. Even if it did come out it would be in the 50s of thousands of dollars, no thanks ill buy the new V8 BMW M3


  12. Me again, this was relesed in edmunds website. I hate to be the one to break it you all but here it is,

    Although the use of a V8 in the IS 500 seems likely given its competition, other reports suggest this may not be the preferred route. A recent article in Automotive News has Lexus executives dismissing the idea of a V8 saying, “it would kill the car’s handling.” With that mind, Lexus could take a different route — hybrid power. By retuning the current 3.5-liter V6 and adding electric motors, the IS 500 could achieve the necessary horsepower targets without putting all the extra weight up front. It would also give the IS 500 the traction of all-wheel drive like its Audi rival. Lexus has already shown the performance capability of hybrid power in its GS 450h sedan, a car which outruns its V8-powered stablemate by combining a V6 with electric motors.


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