2007 Santa Fe

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No official pricing yet but they are talking of “around $24 000”.
I guess that would be the base model with a 2.7 Liter V6.

It goes officially on sale June 1st. Although some dealers might actually get them before…

I am surprised they haven’t announced an official price yet.

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  1. I think it’s the most attractive design in its class, and a huge improvement over the current model. A very good job, Hyundai. You guys are on a roll.

  2. Very true…a very nice improvement over the original Santa Fe. A new Tiburon is badly needed though…a Scion tC alternative.

  3. $24,000 plus is a large amount of money to invest in a vehicle these days that unfortunately does not retain a high trade-in or resale value yet!!! And to top it all off this vehicle is now cheaper to manufacture than the 1st generation Santa Fe, which was imported from Korea, because it is now made in the U.S. with parts manufactured from the lowest bid companies in North America and Mexico!!! Quality will certainly suffer for the first couple of years!! The educated consumer will grab a 2006 before they are all gone!!!

  4. The educated consumer will grab a 2006 before they are all gone!!!

    The educated consumer knows that the current Santa Fe is one of the worst in reliability. No where to go but up.

  5. Unless you live in Central America, the only way you can get to ‘MEXICO’ from the U.S. is to go DOWN!!! That’s where most of the parts for the 2007 Santa Fe will be coming from! Why do you think Hyundai built their new factory in Alabama in the first place for? As for the 2006 Korean built model, it has come a long way compared to years past! Just a few more years and Korea would have caught up to the Japanese in quality!! Now that they will be made here with low bid parts from all over Canada, Mexico and the U.S. we will never get a chance to see it happen!!!

  6. My comments about reliability were not a criticism of the brand but of a particular model. I feel Hyundai has become a major force in the automotive world, and they are competitive with many manufacturers in terms of reliable, desirable, attractive cars.

  7. This model has been on sale in Europe for several months. It is far more attractive in-person than in a photo, especially the silver model.

    Very good reviews and very good pricing (for European auto shoppers, at least).

    Folks here in Europe hold onto their cars far longer than most Americans, so depreciation doesn’t exactly have the same “downside” except for people who trade in cars as frequently as those in the States. By the time a Hyundai like this is 6-8 years old it will have “about” the same relative value as a Ford, Opel VW or Volvo.

    Europe also gets a diesel that NA doesn’t, which is also very important with gas prices at least twice as high as in the US.

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