2007 Toyota Solara

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Just a few minor tweaks for the Camry based coupe. (Sport model pictured here)
A slightly new front end, LED rear lights, a standard MP3 plug inside with bluetooth option.

Strangely enough they didn’t upgrade the car to the new 3.5 Liter engine used in the new Camry.
The Solara still uses the same 3.3 Liter V6.
Toyota is saving an amazing $1000 on each 3.5 liter compared to the “old” 3.3 Liter.
So I guess they really were unable to fit the new engine in there otherwise they would have done it…

The Solara will be replace for the 2009 model year by an all new model, still based on the Camry.
Probably a hard top convertible.

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  1. Not too bad, it’s looking a little bit more manly. No I wonder what he butt will look like, ’cause that was always one of their problem. I am still not sold to the headlights and the grill yet though.

  2. Oh what a feeling !!, double the recalls this year, endless sludge engine issues, prius hybrids that stop dead at highway speeds, the Avalon referred to as a “problematic vehicle” by toyo exec. and much more…..oh ya…. and the cars are ugly!

  3. I don’t mind automakers issuing recalls. Within reason anyway. Companies need to be completely forthcoming when it comes to safety. I do have a problem when an automaker is slow to acknowledge a problem or attempts to bury the problem. It’s pretty clear that’s what Toyota had been doing with the sludge issue. It makes you wonder if there are more safety issues they are attempting to bury. Sorry for the digression…

    Anyway, the Solara update is a mild improvement. The car is in need of a total redesign. While the last generation Solara was bland, it was a stronger design. The current Solara is way too organic and feminine.

  4. I prefer 2004-2006 style; more subtle. I want the new stereo headunit though, with the audio input feature. Glad they didn’t replace the engine…
    since I have a 2004 model 🙂

  5. How do you like your 2004??
    I’m curious. I drove one a few weeks ago and was very impressed.
    You can add an iPod plug to your 2004 if you want.
    A couple of sites even explain how do to it yourself.

  6. I liked the Solara, but at 6’4, the interior was WAY too small for me. Amazingly, the much smaller Scion tC had a lot more front leg and head room for my big frame.

    I ended up in an Accord though, so I don’t guess that matters. I loved the interior of the Solara, but the Accord made more sense (runs on regular, makes more power, has more room; plus the dealer is closer to my house than the Toyota shop).

  7. Vince,

    Mine is a 2004 SLE V6 Coupe.
    I was an early adopter, so the car had to get a few TSB fixes by the dealer, but other than that, it’s a fine car.
    Definitely a lot of car for the money.
    If I had waited longer, I’d probably bought the Convertible one. Either one is a keeper.

    You’re right on the iPod interface. Crutchfield has very nice interface options, best value would be USA Spec PA11-TOY. It’s able to charge and connect the ipod to stereo HU. (steering wheel buttons still work!)

  8. The 2007 Solara will receive an average MSRP increase of only $382 or 1.5 percent. The Solara SE with a four-cylinder engine will carry a base MSRP of $19,930 for the five-speed manual and $20,760 for the automatic. The price for the SE grade with the V6 and automatic transmission will be $22,260. The base MSRP for the Sport grade will range from $22,200 for the four-cylinder with a five-speed manual transmission to $24,530 for the V6
    and automatic transmission. The MSRP for the premium SLE with a four-cylinder and automatic transmission will be $23,905. The MSRP for the
    SLE V6 and automatic transmission will be $26,905.

    The base MSRP for the Solara Convertible SE with a V6 and automatic transmission will be $27,190. The Solara Convertible SLE with a V6 and
    automatic transmission will start at $30,460. The Solara Convertible Sport, a new model, with a V6 and automatic transmission will start at $29,460.

    The new prices will take effect when the 2007 Solara goes on sale in early June.

  9. how can you be in love with an ugly cheap made car liek the zolara when you can get an all american monte carlo for less money.
    you are insane

  10. Monte Carlo…that’s all he has to fall back on…it’s kinda sad isn’t it guys?

    I figured he’d mention at least some kind of formidable contender, like a $25k Mustang V-8 or something, but a freakin Monte Carlo? They didn’t even revise anything past the front-end! Talk about cheap? Sheesh!

  11. Imagine driving down the highway in your reliable toyota and you have no steering!!! Yikes! Toyota is recalling ALL YARIS sold in N.America…STEERING MALFUNCTION!

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