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Well… Almost.

These were the future until Rover went under, last year.
They were working on a new small MG coupe (top), and on bringing back the legendary Austin Healey (bottom).

It would have been great.
Let’s see if the new Chinese owners follow through with these ideas…

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  1. I wonder where the money would have come from. As to the Austin-Healey, MG Rover had enough difficulty supporting two brands without starting a third. Are you sure this wasn’t a non-MG Rover proposal, Vince? Others have been talking about doing an A-H revival.

  2. Rover’s new Chinese owner just announced they will buid a new MG model in the US within 2 years!

    Weird, but amazing news.
    All these years Rover was never able to bring the new MG models over here, and now the Chinese are not only goiung to sell them, but build them here too!

    I think it is great news.
    Maybe more Rovers will follow. And maybe these guy will revive HAustin Healey after all….

  3. Wow…. I just did some research, and here’s the website, mentioning the Chinese company, also.

    Here’s their least expensive car, and some 0-60 times, and MPG(look at the MPG!).

    Most around 40(or more mark, worst about 30 combined(probably the larger engined vehicle).

    Well, if they get here in 2 years, that’s cool. Will give me about 2 years to see how they hold up….then it may be “buyin’ time!”

    Any ideas, Vince(or anyone else) how they gonna sell these? Separate dealerships, or maybe on existing Rover lots (If so, that’s cool, got one next to the Hyundai dealership, same owner, been there forever).
    If not…… and they are far and few between….. may have to pass.

    Anyway, the cars look/sound interesting.
    take care/not offense.

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