Post office customized Jeep for sale!

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On Ebay (where else…)
An amazing deal which includes the built in poker table (My friend Chong’s favorite).
But not the thong “babe”…

-83 AM General
-49 000 miles
-Wipers work, but not the blades
-Power brakes
-No reserve
-So far:$2500. ( 3 days to go)

And no.. This is not from Las Vegas, but New Jersey.
Who would have thought….

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  1. That ass is telling me one thing — that in a few short years it’s going to be a droopy, saggy mess with more cottage cheese than a supermarket dairy section. The Jeep® will age better.

  2. Lots of rural mail carriers looking for good ones of these. There is a legit demand for these, in good condition.

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