Lexus IS-F

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Looks almost classy on this picture….

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  1. Automobile and edmunds wrote pretty sad reviews on the is-f. I think that it is a half assed attempt on lexus’s part to make a real performance car. The saddest part ….. What appears to be four exhausts on the back are actually FAKE!!!!!! They are not connected to anything! The actual exhaust ends about four inches before the fake exhaust rings. The cheese factor is through the roof on this one.

  2. If it looks classy in that pic its cause the dark color is hiding that nasty weirdo front end and clown like fenders ! i love love love the regular car but not this clown car, sure it goes fast, pehaps fast enough so other wont see the body .

  3. The hood is too tall. Yes, I know it has the big mutha forkin’ engine under it, but it just doesn’t look good.

  4. I’m sure the specs will be impressive but i’ve seen it in person at the Orange County Auto Show and that thing is fugly. I wonder if that big nose affects its drag coeffiency?

  5. Actually the reviews have been pretty good so far, from Motor Trend, C&D, Winding Road, etc. Edmunds gave the car pretty good scores but called it “too hardcore” and too much for the racetrack and not regular driving. Sounds like they were saying Lexus overdid it. The other reviewers say they did a pretty good job. We’ll see.

  6. too little ( literally) too late. G35 infiniti is the king of this category, lexus is chasing, but this dud is tiny . Plus toyota has now become the recall kings….forget it, it will be a flop!

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