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Pretty much what we’ll get over here in a little while.
Making life a bit tougher for the new Accord…

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  1. It totally sucks that we may not get the hatch here in the USA. But I’m wondering…if the USA’s next Mazda 6 is based on the Fusion(so I hear, don’t sue me if I’m wrong),I’m wondering how much different it’ll look. Also does anyone know if the USA’s 6 is based on the current Fusion platform or the next one coming out soon?

    John M

  2. I also wish they would bring the hatch.
    But… Look at it from their point of view.
    Evetybody on the internet, car press etc.. Was asking for the hatch and wagon in the US when the current generation came out.
    They caved and brought them over.End they were big flops.

    As far as they are concerned, it was a mistake.
    The people begging for the hatch didn’t turn into actual buyers.

  3. Nice car, but no match for the new Accord which, although too big, will be a much better car and a wiser choice for most sedan buyers.

  4. A hatchback would have to be extremely attractive in order for Americans to buy…Otherwise Americans want a trunk.

  5. Iquack…

    How is the new Honda accord much better than the better looking 6? besides offereing a sedan and wagon…
    Sounds like perceptions are still holding on strong!

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