More pictures of the new Audi A4

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The interior is really one of the best in the class.
And the outside also seems more upscale than the current one. Even if they could have done much better.

Tough times ahead for the new C Class…

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  1. Appealing but will have to compare cost, room and performance relative to the new CTS which has a more dynamic interior design and more rear seat room.

  2. ‘Saw someone driving one of these at night. I’m convinced the little things in styling really add a lot. The LED lighting looks so nice at night. Love those dots

  3. I thought this looked same old, until I saw the all new corolla, Holy Crap! this car is great compared to that!

  4. HA…I agree with theory…

    But what is with making cars grow every redesign? I can see how interior space can improve…but the outside….how close is this in size to the A6 now?

  5. i like the bmw 3er better, especially the coupe, gorgeous…. the onvertible is almost identical to the coupe, besides the roofline…

  6. mmmmmmmmmm……….kinda blah, doesn’t really have a great look about it. Audi keeps designing essentially the same car over and over again.

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