No revised X-Type for the US

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Jaguar has announced it will drop the X-Type in the US at the same time the new revised version will be available in Europe.
Next spring.

And that will also be the time when the all new XF becomes available.
The XF will then be the “cheapest” car in Jaguar’s US lineup.

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  1. Will the next one be based off of the Mondeo again? The Mondeo is a substantial improvement over the last one… dare I say that it’s a “world class” car now. Maybe the Xtype would actually be based on some pretty decent bones if that were the case now.

  2. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, as they say. But was the x-type really that inferior dollar-for-dollar to a similarly priced BMW? Or was it more of an image problem? I’d like to know…

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