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This is supposed to come to Europe at the end of 2008.
But, somehow, it might end up in New Zealand before that. Where it could be sold for the equivalent of about $18 000.
Keep in might that, over there, the Civic Hybrid is about $ 25 000 and the Prius is around $29 000.
So the Rio is a really good deal.
It could be sold here for something like $15 000.

But it seems that it is one of these “light” or “lame” hybrids. Where the car never run on electric power alone.

We’ll find out more later….

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  1. they should not be allowed to call light hybrids “hybrid”… people get confused and will be really angry one they found out they’ve been cheated into buying stuff like this…

  2. If one gets confused that easily, it sounds like a personal problem to me, not one of competing hybrid formats.

  3. From what I have read on hyundaiexchange, about a year ago(well, Summer of 06, when rumors were rampant of this thing coming here to USA by Sept of 06, as 07’s, then they said due to currency differences, they would not sell them in USA, due to losing $$$$? Something like this) the rumored MPG was 43-44MPG(Hwy?)and iirc… 38-40 city(?), 42 MPG combined?

    Another story was 44-47 MPG, and 40-42 city, 44-45 combined.

    Who knows? They’ve had awhile to tweak the system. Maybe they can get Upper-Mid-40’s hwy now, and low- 40’s in city, with this “light’ hybrid?

    Those figures would bring it in range of the upcoming Jetta clean diesel….but cost way less(initally..not sure how much it costs to maintain these mild-hybrids/change batteries, etc).

    If this were a clean diesel..17K tops…50 hwy/40 city… 10/100K warranty… I would be tempted.

  4. If one gets confused that easily, it sounds like a personal problem to me, not one of competing hybrid formats.

    It’s not a matter of this being a “personal problem,” but one of truth in advertising. Snotty comments aren’t a virtue, but they are more of an advertiser’s helper.

    Kia should be very clear on its labeling.

  5. you can’t compare the Rio with the civic or prius. The actual Rio is a size smaller than these ones, it’s in the Polo-Fiesta-Corsa class , so sure it is cheaper. I’ve seen this Rio hybrid at the IAA this year, and there was actually no one standing around it, nobody was interested. So i don’t think, it’ll be a hit. The model is also a sedan , and small sedans aren’t popular here in Germany/western Europe, and in eastern Europe, they don’t have actually the money fur such ,,toys”.

  6. I couldn’t agree more!
    As good as the Aura/Malibu duo “hybrid’ is, they should not be advertised/called the same as a Prius hybrid system.

    In most cases, if someone really wanted to be technical, all cars running on the road are ‘hybrids.’ Gasoline runs the car and the battery supplies all the power to run everything else. Two power sources running one vehicle…I think we can call it a “hybrid.” =)

  7. “Anonymous”,

    It wasn’t snotty, it’s the truth. Anyone spending that much money should do their homework and ignore the marketing. Doing so will help on understand that there is more than one way to make a hybrid, and they are all valid if they get good results (good mpg, lower emissions).

    And yes, being easily confused by marketing (like thinking only a hybrid that works like a Prius is s real hybrid) is a personal problem.

  8. hank, i know the difference, you know the difference, but 95% of car buyers don’t know the difference… just check the market researchers polls and you will see what i mean…

    stuff like this is a huge problem… since most “hybrids” on the market today are mild ones it’s in the interest of those manufacturers to leave the potential buyers in the dark…

    don’t kid yourself, we’re the 5% that knows the differnence… just ask someone of hte 95% what stability control is doing to your car…

  9. Your expression of “the truth” is what’s snotty.

    Kia still needs to be very clear on its marketing terminology. Consumers need to have all information made available to them. We should be able to buy goods sold in our country clearly labeled and clearly identified.

  10. “Anonymous”

    No, it’s not snotty, it’s just a disagreement about who holds the most responsibility in buying a car. Caveat emptor.

    It wasn’t snotty. “It’s sounds like a personal problem” is a pretty common line, meant in jest.

    If I was going to be snotty, I’d have remarked on how it’s always the “anonymous” poster that has a bug up his/her butt. But I didn’t do that.

  11. If I was going to be snotty, I’d have remarked on how it’s always the “anonymous” poster that has a bug up his/her butt.

    And the pot calls the kettle black.

    This is interesting, though. To be clear, why do you feel the Kia’s light hybrid a personal problem for typical consumers who don’t follow every detail of automotive technology as if their life depended on it?

    Shouldn’t everyone who buys dog food for their pet be able to trust that it isn’t tainted with Chinese-sourced poisons? Or do they have to understand every aspect of pet food manufacturing to know what they’re buying?


  12. Hank?

    Are you still there? We miss you, buddy.

    C’mon…tell us more about what we don’t know about hybrids.

    Open ears and minds await.

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