More pictures of the GLK “Concept”

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Still horrible.

Just take out the white inside, and the silver outside and you pretty much have the production version.
just think this thing isn’t even out yet. So this is the future (!!!)

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  1. That is one gross looking steering wheel. What the heck are they thinking? Maybe they still have a few Chrysler designers lurking in-house … FIRE their ASS !!

  2. i’m so completely disappointed with this design – the tall greenhouse with the relatively short height of the body below it eliminates the ruggedness i think this design is trying to convey. the production model will surely lose that awful lower cladding but even without it there are too many strakes, creases and folds in the sheetmetal on such a small vehicle. instead of putting fewer details on the GLK than the GL, it looks like they put MORE details – which doesn’t make any sense since it adds clutter. it’s as if mercedes didn’t know what it was doing with the design of this car. dont’ even get me started on the fussy, overly blocky and styled front end. the interior fares a little better- i really like the big strip of the charcoal wood on the passenger side. but why did mercedes have to go for an awful retro look that looks like it purposely wants to look dated? i can’t believe i’m saying this, but the X3 looks better…

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