2009 Honda Pilot

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There it is.
Still not pretty. I think it even looks cheap.

This is strictly for the Honda crowd.
It competes with much nider looking cars now. Plus the big crossover market isn’t going to grow that much with gas prices that high.

And the interior looks like it is ready to eat the driver.
The shifter looks ridiculous…

What a mess.
Good luck with that one…

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  1. that is soooooooooo bad it is really not funny, that’s jaw dropping ugly. if a mole had infiltrated honda’s design team and their goal was to destroy honda through bad design, this is how they would succeed. As well as the accord I might add.

  2. Saw the new Pilot at the NY Auto Show. Besides being ugly as hell, the interior was incredibly cheap, with third-rate plastics and unsightly gaps. Somewhere an 80’s Plymouth is laughing.

  3. I’m a Honda owner, but I’d never buy this sucker. Doesn’t look nearly as good as the Mazda CX-9 or the Toyota Highlander.

  4. the sad thing is…… there are still thousand of idiots who will buy this just because it is a honda…… morons!

  5. The blue one isn’t that bad, but still kind of a turn off.
    Honda is copying Ford and GM by limiting their designs to specific markets. Did you ever see how much nicer the JDM Honda look as compared to the US spec models?

    I am just waiting for the Crossroad to come here already…

  6. Thank God someone had the nuts to update the Isuzu Trooper! Seriously, this design answers a question nobody asked.

  7. “Saw the new Pilot at the NY Auto Show. Besides being ugly as hell, the interior was incredibly cheap, with third-rate plastics and unsightly gaps. Somewhere an 80’s Plymouth is laughing.”

    While I will agree with your points, keep in mind the Pilot shown at the NY Auto Show was the concept. So, plastic quality and panel gaps won’t be the same in the production model.

  8. By blocking comments of people who actually like the design (I. E. Actual consumers) you’re losing credibility yourself. Maybe when the competition is no longer around for this or the Highlander I can write an article about the ineptitude of amateur bloggers and use you as an example.
    Until then, keep making me look like a pro.

  9. Wow, it looks like they aped the Ford F-150 for the center stack and interior vents, and tried to copy the Jeep Commander on the exterior, and failed miserably.

  10. My family has a Honda Van and we have loved it. I wanted a Pilot — but after seeing this monstrosity, I will only consider an older one. What a huge disappointment.

    I even like my old 1988 Isuzu Trooper better than this.

  11. It’s pretty obvious that for whatever reason Honda just will not get a fair shake on this blog. This is what Honda is about safe, simple designs with rock-solid reliabilty that surpasses domestics and even the hallowed Toyota brand. The name also stands for unpsurpassed safety. The new Pilot will deliver on what it promises — nothing more, nothing less.

    If you owned Hondas, you would understand.

  12. This isnt a safe simple design, you honda loving freak (7:18pm)….. safe simple designs are boring but not unpleasant….. this however, is UGLY and offensive. Honda is putting out crappy prducts because they know that stupid people like youself will buy it no matter what…. and pay way more than the compitition…. I recently was test driving small SUV’s. Honda had the nerve to charge $35,950 for a CRV. that was a base model with no add ons. Mean while I can go over to the HYundai dealership and get a Santa Fe for 28,956. As for your Honda owner comment, i owned a honda accord and after 5years it wouldnt pass a safety inpection becuase it was so rusted out. piece of junk!!!!! You Honda people drive me up the wall. Their products are ugly, overpriced and crappy, and yet you continue to buy them… Shame on you and shame on Honda!

  13. This was completely designed off of the American Odyssey platform and really is just for North America anyway. You would not see a real Japanese built and designed Honda like this in Japan because they have no use for such a large platform vehicle over there. The steering wheel looks like it came off of the Element and the glove box and shelf above were left over from the 2nd generation CR-V as is the rear 2 piece opening glass hatch.

  14. “The steering wheel looks like it came off of the Element”

    Steering wheel comes directly from the Accord…

    “Honda had the nerve to charge $35,950 for a CRV. that was a base model with no add ons.”

    Ok, realistically….that’s not typical. When my dad bought his CR-V EX a year ago he paid under 25,000. That sounds more like a dealer problem not Honda overall.

    I agree that this thing is ugly and probably won’t do well, but I also am a Honda fan. I’ve got a 1997 Accord that is still in perfect condition. No rust, no mechanical problems whatsoever.

  15. In Canada, you will not pay less than 35,000 for a CR-V. There is no way you could get one for under 25,000

  16. In response to 7:32 AM:

    Sorry, my bad. I thought you were talking about the US…that’s why I was confused 😉

  17. I think that everyone who posts here forgets that styling is SUBJECTIVE! What looks bad to one person can look great to another, I personally like it but I do not like the front.

    FYI to the Canadian claiming Honda products are garbage: I strongly suggest you pick up a copy of Consumer Reports and flip to their reliability data for Honda.

    This vehicle will sell to informed consumers who want a practical vehicle that will hold its resale and be incredibly reliable.

    The bias against Honda on this site is ridiculous.

  18. wow, i think this is the first time ever that we all agree that this honda is pure garbage, well done men!

  19. It does’nt matter what a few immature people say about a vehicle they can’t afford. Bottom line is Honda’s sales figures will have more to say than any pointless comments posted here. You could say whatever negative thing you want about this Honda but every Pilot you see in the street is kind of like a big middle pointed right at you ” men”.

  20. for all you people bitching about the ‘bias’ against honda…. ever think there might be a reason? And consumer reports is just that… reports from uneducated consumers…… who are soooo in love with their Honda’s and would never admit that anything went wrong because they are convinced it is a priceless car. I know i’m gonna take alot of crap for this comment but I know at least three people who own HOnda’s that just everything has gone wrong… but they make excuses for it everytime, and still think its an amazing car even though it has been nothing but a piece of crap!!!

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