Audi A5 sportback?

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Many seem to think Audi is working on a 4 door version of the A5. With either a hatchback or even a sort of low wagon type rear end. Like the new Scirocco.
Why not?
It doesn’t make any sense to me when they already have the A4 that looks almost the same as the A5.
Why not make a hatch version of the A4?

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  1. This is silly. I agree with Vince on the A4 stuff. Make all the different variants of the A4, not the A5. If you start doing variants of the A5, then where does the A6 fit in? But I gotta say. About 2 weeks ago I saw an A5 coupe in person……it was AWESOME!

  2. I think this whole A5 thing screwed up their naming system….

    It should be the 2-door and only the 2 door. Instead it’s the A5 Coupe/2-door, A4 Sedan/4 door, A5 Hatch/5-door, and A4 Avant.

    So confusing….they are starting to turn into Volvo.

  3. Oooh. Audi is going after the Mercedes CLS customers. Surprising since the CLS is not selling well. It is nothing more than an E-class with less headroom. Maybe the A5 coupe will do better.

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