Buick Invicta Concept

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As we all know, this is pretty much the next La Cross.
Based on the same platform that will be used for the Opel Insignia and the next Chevy Malibu.
This is a really nice design.
I am just not so sure GM has much room price wise, above the Malibu and the Aura. How much can a US brand charge for a mid sized sedan?
I guess GM might position this against the Lexus ES, and leave the Malibu and Aura to battle it out with the Camry Accord crowd.
But really, when was the last time anyone considering a Lexus stepped into a Buick showroom.
I guess they succeeded with the new Malibu which is a good seller. But it turns out it doesn’t steal that many buyers away from foreign brands. (From what was published last month)
And if this is over $30 000, the battle might be even tougher.

But it all starts with making good, attractive cars people want to buy. If they stick to this, it will work. It’s just a matter of time.

Now you can look at this with “new eyes”. This to me looks like the production version of the concept above. Same lines, plus actual door handles. The next La Crosse, or whatever they’ll end up calling it.

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  1. Wow GM is really on a roll… I never thought i’d be interested to buy a buick in my life !

    Now with this probable car and the enclave, buick is doing some really nice things…

    Better than many japanese car makers !

  2. Looks very nice. If they want it to sell, in addition to a quiet interior, they will have to match Lexus’ driving dynamics. Can GM do that? Are GM engineers that…”advanced”…? Easy to say, but, difficult to do. After all, I am not exactly asking for a reliable car in the long term.

  3. WOW! This car looks great. I can’t wait to see the new Aura, Malibu, LaCross/Invicta. Ford/Mercury needs to be taking notes.

  4. From the front the Invicta looks stunning, though from other angles it appears a bit chunky. But the interior is spot on. There aren’t too many car interiors that are even remotely as attractive and inviting. Overall I’d say GM looks to have another winner.

  5. The Invicta is only the concept name. the LaCrosse name will die out with the current model. The car here in the US will adopt the Canadian version of the LaCrosse called the “Allure” It will be available in three trims the 4 cyl., V-6, and V-6 supercharged. Originally the car had portholes on the hood, but was removed in the final stages.

    This vehicle is critical for Buick new emergence. Along with the Enclave, Allure and revised Lucerne. Buick plans to revised the Riviera name as hardtop convertible bases loosely on the Velite concept. The car will hold the position in the company as the most expensive Buick ever. Remember the Reatta? to round out the new lineup will be a Buick version of the new Cadilac BRX/Saab 9-4x SUV no name has been selected for that model yet.

  6. This will be sold as a rival to the Lexus ES350 (i.e rebadged camry). It is much nicer than the Lexus inside and out. Lexus is not known for their handling so it will be easy to beat them there. The Enclave trumps the Lexus CUV at a better price so why doubt it ? I assume the TL and A6 would be another competitors.

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