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Honda is creating a specific brand for the Chinese market. Called Li Nian, together with its Chinese partner Guangzhou Automobile.
I guess the Honda name alone wasn’t enough…
This new concept shows what the first Li Nian will look like for 2010.

And by the way, have they ever redesigned the small HRV???
I saw a few in Europe when I was there. The smaller than CRV model that never made it to the US.

This looks like it could be a good replacement for the HRV….

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  1. Honda made a Nissan Rouge with a Lancer Evo front end. Kudos.

    I never knew Honda was a Chinese company.

  2. Vince, I thought the new Crossroads was the replacement for the HR-V even though the Crossroads name was used before for their box on wheels Range Rover style vehicle they had back in the 80’s. Anyway, we will not be seeing anything from Honda in the states that would make economic sense now that fuel is at an all time high. The Fit seems to be the only platform they will share will us for the time being. Penny wise, dollar foolish.

  3. Burlapp what are you on about? HRV?? This car is Fiesta/Fit sized! If you couldn’t tell by the photo you might have guessed from the Fiesta-“borrowed” styling, disappointed at Honda, why did they have to copy Ford’s design?

  4. Ok, time for all you haters to bash Honda. By the way, did anybody catch the Pilot review on Edmunds? No, I didn’t think so, that would be too unbiased for most of you.

  5. There are plenty of good crossovers that match up well to the Pilot without being saddled with the Pilot’s depressing, Lada-esque styling.

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