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From the Scion recipe book.
But with more personality.

Again, I think this will do great for Kia in the US.

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  1. This thing is way cool, and it doesn’t look cheap like the Scion xb’s all do. Kudos to Kia!

  2. This looks great. The Soul should steal lots of sales from Scion and other compacts. In addition, it looks like Kia is finally cementing a brand identity and look. Kia should have a very cohesive look across their lineup with a year or two

  3. I haven’t got a clue why Kia uses this promotional color. The Soul looks powerful and cool in red, white and silver. This color is sort of… horrible. The interior too is plastic and simplistic.

    Like the original design though.

  4. i really like this neat car, but the production model seems to have gained weight in its arse commpared to the concept (i know, i know, they all do). still keeping it on our shopping list for 2010, tho.

  5. nissan cube will be same price range, better looking, larger inside, have more hp, and better fuel economy……and it’s a NISSAN!

  6. the one shown here earlier is close but not a completed version, I should have one ciculating within a week or so.

  7. my favorite view of both the Soul and Forte are their rear ends.. the Forte is low and wide, nearly Lexus IS-like, and the Soul’s rear is distinctive.. almost like a reincarnation of the Renault R5 LeCar!

  8. so i’m writing from a bar, i’m drunk, but i’m single handedly resposible for bankrupting the worlds largest car company, these f….in kias don’t help people!

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