All new Mazda3 Sedan

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And again, it does look great. It seems better than anything else in that range.
Which includes the Corolla and the Civic.

It will be now available with a larger 2.5 Liter engine. Let’s hope mileage doesn’t suffer.

This car could be a big hit now that most people are looking for something smaller and cheaper than even regular midsized sedans.
I’ll see it at the L.A Show and report on it.

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  1. I hope this is a US version because this car looks great! To me the new Mazda 6 was a bit of a disappointment, but this car definetly is’nt. I hope they have a 6 spd manumatic for it, or at least a 6 spd manual for the 2.5l engine. I can’t wait to see the wagon…uh I mean the hatch version.

  2. I’m guessing the US version will lose the center hood crease and get different taillights, if the 6 is a precedent. I think it is a nice update.

  3. I’ve always been a fan of Mazda. But with a small dealer network they just don’t have the numbers. If Ford was ever to kill Mercury they should offer Lincoln dealers the Mazda brand to sell. Hell if the current idea is for Mercury to have the smaller cars why now have both a rebadged Focus and 3/323/Protege?

  4. Wow….I guess there was nothing bad about the body of the original 3, so I can see them not chaning the shape, but radically changing the front and half way changing the rear is all that was really needed. I hope they don’t dumb down the rear on this like they did with the 6. We want the US version to look like this.

  5. why is the rear bar so huge… the whole car looks massive, especially compared to the old protege etc

  6. The people at Autocar drove the hatch version and said it was a better car now…The current one is not really as good as people say. The 2.0 liter will have direct injection which shoud boost HP and torque by 10. Mazda is really competitive in the last 6 years.

  7. Sorry, I’ve been busy. They are coming up.
    I had a problem with the Enclave. It wouldn’t start on my last day. So GM picked it up and I am trying to get them to tell me what was wrong with it.
    I guess I won’t wait and post the review soon.

    I also drove a Chrysler 300 2.7 Liter.
    I will be driving a Saturn Vue Hybrid, Nisssan 350Z and Altima Hybrid soon.
    And many more…

  8. i’m not “feelin'” the mazda 3 anymore. it has gotton really ugly. the front is really busy and the rear is disproportionate…like it as an extra “ass.” hm…i thought the mazda 6 turned out great but this one…it’s gonna be a no.

  9. I was worried that mazda would ruin the 3 with this redesign, but, it still looks great. The idea above of killing mercury and putting lincoln and mazda together is a really good one. It will be quite awhile before lincoln could stand alone.

  10. Nice, the side kick-up crease is a nice touch. The design has a ‘strong’ look from the rear. I don’t like the current 3 sedan rear end. i like the hatch much better. can’t wait to see what the new hatch would look. thumb-up for mazda.

    i wish mazda markets its vehicles better. it is far more fun to drive than a toyota. and a better design to boot.

  11. Overall a good looking car, in particular the head and backlights. Cant wait to see it in person.

  12. I think the engine is a Ford engine actually. The old 2.3l/3.0l and the new 2.5l/3.7l are all Ford engines. I don’t know the percentage of ownership but Ford owns I think at least a piece of Mazda.

    I’m glad to hear it’s a bit bigger than the current 3.

    The more I look at this car, the more I like it.

  13. Vince: is there an ETA on when will this hit showrooms? Ive seen both 2009 and 2010 model year listed.

  14. “The old 2.3l/3.0l and the new 2.5l/3.7l are all Ford engines”

    The old 2.3L was a mazda MZM engine and the new 3.5L is a mostly Mazda design as well.

  15. “Better than anything else in that range”??? I normally agree quite well with You, but this time… here in Europe I still prefer clearly the New compact stars: VW Golf, Renault Megane or the wonderful Lancia Delta!!! (and hey, next year there should arrive the successor to the Alfa Romeo 147!!!)

  16. It’s like Diana Ross sang “I want muscles” to Mazda designers. Looks very strong and chunky, like it could stop the Marvel comic character Juggernaut. Handsome and should be a huge hit with those who don’t have Hondota tunnel vision.

  17. Nissan, It’s time to bring the megane here, exactly as it is except put a nissan face on it, let’s go, giddy up!

  18. The rear end looks like a cross between the refreshed Galant and a damn Sebring. No thanks.

    Knowing Mazda, this will drive great but the interior quality is going to suck.

  19. Hey Vince, any word on a Mazdaspeed version? The MS3 is a heck of a car, but getting kinda long in the tooth.

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