2011 Honda Odyssey

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Caught in California by a reader .

Even with all the crappy camouflage on it, you can tell the production version will be very close to the really good looking concept.
The current Odyssey, is a great minivan, but one of the most boring design out there.
The next one will be quite another story.
A much better looking alternative to the new Toyota Sienna, and with a better reputation than the Chrysler/Dodge twins.
Honda is getting winner next year…
Many thanks to Nick for these.

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  1. I agree that it looks very good. The sad thing is that Honda is using their "good" car designers on a friggin' minivan.

  2. Honda and Nissan are getting winners. This looks great, as well as the next Quest ( Look up Nissan Forum Concept)It will look awesome. looks like minivan Market is alive and well. Unless you see the supposedly new Toyota Sienna, It looks exactly like the old one.

  3. Hopefully, Honda won't follow Toyota's "bait and switch" policy -putting in a wimpy 4 cylinder and charging the same price as last year's V6!

  4. any word on a power-train?
    is Honda stepping up to 6-speed-AT to mach Toyota and Chrysler?
    bring a DIESEL option!!!

  5. The current Odyssey is the best looking minivan currently available. And that includes the sorry looking Toyota that was just launched. But I'm not too sure about this new Honda. It's the details that make a frumpy van look sporty and stylish. And I'm not seeing the same details on the test van that are on the concept. We shall see.

  6. Looks a bit odd with the migraine ZigZag at the 3rd seat. But minivans are all about utility (will it have stow-N-go?) & practicality (25MPG 4.0L?) Chrysler has the nicest interior (dash & door panels) but that's all about to change in 6 months. You should re-evaluate the top 6 (Dodge, Chry T&C, Nissan, Sienna, Oddessy, & Kia) with so many new revisions coming in 2011.

  7. toyota seems to be the masters of many things, and honesty or quality seems to not be in that category.

  8. very linclon ish. that side dip is also like a huge hyundai genesis coupe. wtf honda, you are now a follower of ford and hyundai, good luck with that.

  9. The base 2011 Sienna 4 cyl has a LOWER MSRP than the base 2010 Sienna. Get your facts straight people!

    And no, this is not a "much better looking alternative" to the Sienna.

    The new Sienna is a very good looking van.

    This Honda, both in concept and in the spy shots, looks tacky and dated already. It's too square looking and dated, while trying too hard to appear modern, such as using that very tacky "zig zag" window line.

    The Caravan is square-looking, but it's a simple proportional design that works.

    The Sienna is a sleek, refined design that works.

    This Odyssey design is just a mess.

  10. this may be different, but Toyotas safe 1980's look is a dud . and if like it's siblings in the toyota world,a scary beast too.

  11. "….The Sienna is a sleek, refined design that works."

    Absolutely laughable. Probably just another Toyota salesman whose hurting right now.

  12. It looks a little daring to me, like the Nissan Quest.

    As a new father I've become very interested in minivans. It is the little details that matter for these vehicles, and I'm curious to see whether Honda addressed the concerns frequently expressed about the Odyssey (e.g., excessive wind noise, excessive engine noise, poor mileage).

    I am partial to the new Sienna, but annoyed that they didn't invest in a "stow and go" system.

    The Chrysler products seem to me the best looking and the best value in terms of getting the most features and space for your money, but I hate the poor feel of the interior plastics and I've heard they don't age well.

  13. The only thing worse than the 2011 Sienna is the 2009 Sienna. Not that this next Honda is anything I'm gonna rush out and buy–but even if it's uglier than Nissan, Routan, T&C, Kia or Caravan–at least it beat the 2011 Toyota!

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