2012 MG TF

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Or what it could look like…

MG’s new Chinese owners really want to sell cars in the US.
A new version of the classic roadster could be the 1st MG in the US in decades.
The next model could use a small 2.5 Liter V6 also used in their Roewe 750 sedan ( Nee Rover)
One more “Chinese car coming to the US rumor”.
We’ll see…

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  1. Actually, I really like the design. It's nice and sharp and still has something from the recent MG TF, which I really like.

  2. This car has been around for ten years. The basic design was provided by the British. Then the Chinese bought MG a few years ago. And they're trying to get extra shelf life out of this tired design by tarting it up like a French whore.

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