2012 Toyota Yaris

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This is the 1st official picture of the European Yaris.
Which is exactly what the US Yaris will look like. The Yaris for the European market has been built in France so far.

This is the japanese market Vitz, introduced a few weeks ago.
Basically the same car, except some details.

The US version will be similar to the European one.

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  1. That is an improvement! It is clean and kind of looks like what would happen if a Golf and a Fiesta got mixed together. Not bad. Say what you will but If they price it right and it gets around 45 mpg on the highway it could be a contender.

  2. The Euro version has 2 windscreen wipers. The Japanese version only has 1 large one. Small but subtle differences.

  3. Boooooo… Toyota has become a soulless brand that cranks out one weak design after another. I used to admire Toyota and aspired to own some of their sportier cars when I was a teenager in the 80s. Except for hybrid technology, which they stole, they've done nothing in the past fifteen years except make beige me-too appliances. In my opinion, nearly every other brand has surpassed them in terms of desirability.

  4. Looks like they fired the little design runt in the Yaris department and hired someone with an adult mind.

  5. I like the European one a lot better than the Japanese one. The Vitz has the typical Toyota styling of the last few years, which I don't like. The bugged out headlights and weird lines don't work for me. The European one looks 10 times better. Much sleeker with clean lines.

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