2012 Toyota Yaris Hybrid

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This is based on the redesigned Yaris, not the current model.

Will be shown as a concept at the upcoming Geneva auto show.

Toyota has already announced the “regular” Yaris will be its most fuel efficient model, including the Prius.
So a hybrid version could get quite amazing numbers.

We’ll see if it comes over here or not.

To me, a small super efficient car like this one sounds like another nail on the Scion coffin…

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  1. But they could rebadge it as a Scion like they do with the iQ and probably the upcoming FT-AE86.

    That said I don't see the point of Scion. It's not that the Scion's look that different from Toyota's and they haven't spent much resources on it recently.

  2. I like this.

    From what I understand.. the guages will be in front of the driver for the 2012 Yaris?

    I hope so.

    Too bad this isn't a 3 door(or is it?).

    As for another nail in the Scion coffin; we would miss Scion… only because of the Scion tC.
    Ours is nearly 6.5 years old, and 150,000 miles.

    The car looks only a few years old.

    Also.. it's nice to be able to use a hatchback car to move things like a men's bicycle(hatch closed)… or buy straw( 2 bales… can't fit those inside of a sedan or coupe with a trunk), etc..

    Does anyone know when the new Yaris will be introduced to the USA?

    I thought they were supposed to show a version at one of the autoshows?

    I saw the sales figures for January 2011… and , iirc, the sales of the Yaris in the USA is about 50% less than in January 2010?

    It appears that they may need to get this car to the USA(normal and hybrid versions) asap.

  3. This small glimpse is nice looking but I'm always wary of Toyota's "new" claims. Usually "new" means it a reskinned version of the previous car, with whatever changes they've made. Love the headlights.

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