Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

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The stunning retro futuristic Mercedes is now offered as a convertible.
Quite a looker.

Sure, you do miss the cool Gullwing doors from the coupe. So it is not as original.
But still…

Specs are similar to the coupe, with a 6.3 Liter V8 with 563hp and a 7 speed auto.

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  1. This is the first Mercedes coupe/roadster I would consider buying. Exterior is Better-looking than anything they've done before–ever. Interior is better than most of what Merc has done before but still a long ways from the high-style of Jag, Aston, Cad, Masaratti, Porsche, & others in the price range. All-around a good effort though, and a big leap foward for Mercedes.

  2. This really should just be the next SL. Besides the gullwing door gimmick, this car really doesn't justify all the hoopla or the supercar price they're trying to charge. Without the gullwings, its too conventional. I see this as just a worthy successor to the current SL. Nothing more.

  3. Such a shame that they decided against building a Viper based on this…I can still see it.

    I wouldn't worry too much; the next Dodge Viper will have some Masarrati & Ferrari influences–and that's a whole other level from anything Merc has ever produced!

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