2012 Mini Coupe

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Even though these pictures are ‘official”, the car still have quite a bit of camouflage.
But you can guess through most of it, and actually see what the real thing will look like.
Which is pretty much similar to the concept from 2 years ago.

And I think this is one of the problems of the car. We’ve seen this design for 2 years. An all new “regular” Mini is coming out about a year after this. Which means this coupe will be based on the previous generation. Looking rather old.
On top of looking a bit strange already.

I am not sure the Mini designs lends itself well to a 2 seater car in the first place.
The rear is still a hatchback, which seems a bit weird.
A convertible version s coming out as well, competing mostly with the Mazda Miata. Itself being redesigned very soon…

This is the original concept from 2009.

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  1. whats with rear section of the rood, is that suppose to carry some sort of function like a t-top? if not then it's just weird in an ugly way

  2. I like it! Kinda looks like a bulldog wearing a hat. I'm sure that there will be some great ways to customize it.

  3. I'm still trying to understand the purpose of this…

    So this is just going to be a "last gen" Mini by the time it comes out which basically takes out what ever space the regular hatch had. I assume this is only meant to seat 2.

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