Cars we should be getting: Audi A1

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Really. We should be getting the cute looking A1 over here.
I saw a few myself in my last trip in Europe, and they do look great in the streets. And not that small.
( It is about 12 inches longer than a Mini Cooper)

I am sure they do have their “good reasons”. Like Americans don’t like small premium hatchbacks (Must be why the Mini is such a flop over here…).
Or, it would be too expensive. (Isn’t there any room under the $ 27 000 A3 in the US?)

It is just too bad….

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  1. I thought the main justification of this car's existence was specifically to compete with the MINI, so it seems weird that they would leave it out of a big market where the MINI is doing well. Sometimes it's hard to understand what goes on in the mind of auto execs…

  2. Where Audi is winning isn't from great designs. They're actually kind of plain. But, their interiors are nice and despite the added technology its not a wonderland of bewildering buttons. They're, fun to drive (so they didnt cheap out on the suspensions), and have great headlight, taillight, side indicators. All the stuff that says, modern and upscale.

    Honda should stop benchmarking with Toyota and realize who their real rivals are – Audi's one of em.

  3. At the expense of diluting the brand in the US, I dount they will want anything slotting beneath the A3 as far as price…but it would be highly likely if BMW brings fwd hatches here.

  4. Audi has enough overpriced, unreliable VWs with different makeup in the US. We don't need another one

  5. I would absolutely rock one. Audis are beautiful and understated. The US sucks for not getting the same cars as Europe where there is also an A5 sports back available.

  6. Audi seems to have a problem with bringing any vehicle to the US with less than four doors.. even the sportback version of the A5 is likely to eventually show up, diluting the only true "coupe" cachet in their US lineup. I for one would love to see the A1 here, though a Cooper-clobbering S1 would be ideal.

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