2012 Chevrolet Colorado

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The all new Colorado pick up isn’t for the US. Yet…
So far it came out in Thailand. And will be soon sold in other countries as well. But not in the US.

For these countries, 2 diesel engines are available. A 2.5 Liter with 150hp and a 2.8 Liter with 180hp.

I really think there could be a market for a smaller pick up with a diesel engine in the US. It is just a matter of who will try it first.

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  1. I would consider this if the mileage is close to 30mpg. However GM/Dodge/Ford won't do this because it would be a lower profit margin vehicle that cannibalizes sales of their full-size pickups. Maybe an up and comer like Suzuki might try it, or maybe even Volkswagen. They have nothing to lose.

  2. I think these trucks are the size of the Honda Ridgeline, which is almost as big as a Ford F-150. If it were smaller, then I think that would be okay.

  3. The design and proportions are bad, both exterior and interior. Chevy is in an unfortunate design phase right now. The truck bed only looks the right size in the traditional sized version; it looks too shrunken in the 1.5 and 2 row versions. The exaggerated wheel well on the 1.5 row version just looks silly.
    The climate control combo knob looks confusing, when the 3 parallel knobs is a classic, simple, intuitive treatment. The gearshift on the floor means you can't seat 3 people in a pinch, which would be very useful. And the cowls shrouding the speedometer and tachometer are annoying, as they make it harder to view the instruments at a glance. Better to havea nice, large, centered speedometer, which doesn't need to read above 90 mph, with temp and fuel guages flanking it.

    Vince, I do agree with you that despite its design/styling flaws this truck could be a big success if it had a small diesel engine, esp. with one of GM's newer auto transmissions. Typical pickup truck engines would be unnecessary in a small truck like this, and would make the truck too costly and waste too much fuel for its intended purpose.

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