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The Zoe is described as “Renault’s solution to Zero Emission mobility for all”.

Due to its low price of 15 700 Euros. Including taxes. (And also include a 5000 Euros tax encentive.)
Still, quite an amazing price. Just around $21 650.

Much cheaper than electric cars offered over here in the US.

It has an official range of about 150 miles.

This all sounds pretty good to me. And seems that it could become a very nice “smaller than Leaf” electric Nissan in the US.
I thing an under $20 000 good looking electric car with a range of over 100 miles could do quite well over here…

Why not.

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  1. Pricing is not quite correct: batteries not included:-). You have to lease those at a starting price of 79 Euro's a month.

    The 5K tax incentive is n/a in all European countries either.

  2. What's amazing about the price is that it's so high for such and inadequite car. Take a Chrysler 200 / Lancia Flavia for comparison: almost 300HP, 31MPG, 5 passengers + a trunk, Consumer Reports ratings that put it with BMW 5 series & MB E-class in quietness–and a near perfect score in RELIABILITY! And its priced at $21-$26k. Literally TWICE the car for almost the same money. And probabally CHEAPER to maintain over time. AND THAT'S JUST ONE EXAMPLE! I don't think we'll see this Renault in the US (way too much competition).

  3. Given the lukewarm reception of electric cars (in spite of all the hype) I don't expect to see everyone jumping to sell electric cars in the near future. The battery technology needs to improve, and the charging infrastructure needs to improve greatly for most people to really consider this as a viable alternative to gas or hybrid.

    Plus, if you're just going to make an electric golf cart, why not just had a small efficient gas engine and not have to deal with the hassle and range limitations of charging?

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