2014 Jeep Cherokee

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More official pictures of the all new Cherokee. Where for the 1st time we can see what it looks like from behind, and inside.

And it is pretty nice. Sure, it’s not the box from the 80’s.
But that’s a good thing. Jeep is moving forward with a modern design.
I think this will compete much better with the new Escape, RAV4, CRV etc….

Will they really sell l250 000 a year of these?. Not sure…

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  1. Overall, this car looks more like a funky European crossover, and certainly not a jeep. Perhaps this was the goal. Where was this designed? Just curious. This car wouldn't look so unusual if it had a Fiat badge, but it has the jeep grill so it's strange. Definitely better than the first Compass tho, which this sorta replaces

  2. Vince all around this thing is horrible. Ruined ruined ruined. There are still a majority of people (Jeep people) that like boxier designs. This is a huge let down

  3. The more I see of it… The more I appreciate where they're going with this.

    So much more distinctive/handsome than all those look-alike mini-UTEs currently polluting the streets.

    Jump on the mindless Hater-Wagon all you want, but it'll likely prove to be one of the better selling mini-UTEs.

  4. I think the sales target is a world wide sales number. I can see them selling as many if that is the case…not every market finds vehicle such as Hummer H2 appealing.

    I agree it shouldn't wear the Cherokee name, but then again, this is not meant to fill the old Cherokee demographic.

  5. I think it will do very well. The grille is aggressive enough that both men and women will like it, the rest of the body is distinctive (it's hard to tell most small SUVs apart at a glance), and the interior is good enough. Let's hope the cloth interior isn't as bad as the Dart.

    I don't think that any of the whiners are even in the market for this thing. Nobody's preventing you from buying a Wrangler if that's what you really want. This is a CR-V competitor, and that's a huge market.

    Any word on ground clearance and mechanicals?

  6. The back end is so ugly and tribeca-ish, it definitely helps the front look less ugly. Should have been a dodge, fiat or alpha.

    Is it worth diluting the Jeep brand just to increase sales? If so, Jeep better get a compact sedan like the dart!

  7. The front end looks like a crackhead designed it, the back end looks like a Kia Sportage (not a compliment). It looks like Jeep outsourced designing to the Chinese!

  8. 50% improvement in fuel economy. It can park itself. NINE (9)-speed transmission. AND it's a "Trail-Rated Jeep". So what if it has the face of an Oshkosh Truck Snow Plow.

    They'll hit those sales numbers.
    No problem.

  9. Just my feeling.. but this is going to hit the street for the few that want them,… then, sales will die off. FAIL

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