Renault Twin’Z Concept

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 Behind all the crazy light show and horrible neon colors, you can see that Renault is finally trying to channel the personality of the original Renault 5 from the 70’s. The small car known as the LeCar here in the US.
There has been years of rumors about this.
This is the 1st official look at Renault’s attempt to compete with other retro-modern designs like the 500, Mini and Beetle.

A production version of this might end up as the next generation Twingo, or Clio.

And, no. There will not be a new LeCar for the US…

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  1. What the hell is with those wheels. Looks like some sea creatures' sphincter. There are some interesting elements here, but the overall design is really messy.

  2. iNTERRESTING, IN A "HIGH SCHOOL ART PROJECT" KIND OF A WAY. but depressing to see funky little boxes replacing Automobiles as the main source of transportation. Really takes the fun out of DRIVING.

  3. Probably going to influence the Twingo, and not the Clio. Renault just released a new Clio this year.

  4. Not nearly as attractive and iconically identifiable as the R5/LeCar was.. if anything, it looks more like a 5-door version of the Fiat 500 from several angles.

  5. My folks had a LeCar for my use when I was 18 to 20-ish. It was a _little_ sporty and had very comfortable front seats, so I kinda liked driving it. But it did not hold up mechanically very well at all, and was soon sold for a Kia-built Ford Festiva.

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