Top of the line 2014 Chevy Silverado High Country

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Apparently, this will be around $45 000. The GMC Sierra Denali clone costs a bit over $47 000.

It comes with a 5.2 Liter V8 with 355HP. Good for 23MPG on the freeway.

You get Special brown leather seats, Bose speakers and more chrome!
What you also get is the 1950’s column shifter. Something that should have been retired decades ago, and has no place in a “Luxury truck”.

And the cheap 80’s looking dash. Even now it looks like it’s covered in stitched leather-like material.
(Just like a $25 000 Malibu)

Looks like this will be a big profit machine for GM….

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  1. Hard to believe that some people think that a $20,000 pickup becomes a $45,000 pickup if you add a $200 tablet display and the leather from a $1,000 living room set.

  2. This is a nice truck. The center console is a bit Fischer Price looking but over all a good build.

  3. The profit margin must be $20K for one of these. Ever wonder why truck driving tradesman always try and rip you off?

  4. This looks cheap and silly next to a King Ranch or RAM Longhorn. When will GM buy their stock back from the Federal Government and start making their own decisions again?!!!

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