2014 Toyota Land Cruiser: Even worse than the Lexus GX

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Just when you thought the new grille on the revised 2014 GX was bad. This comes out.
The Toyota version. (Sold overseas as the land Cruiser).

This has to be the worse, most offensive, vulgar looking front end ever designed.

As for the interior. It is pretty much the same as the Lexus, minus the assy looking fake metal trim. So it’s actually about 3% better…

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  1. I could actually see this design being fine on the streets of Tokyo or Hong Kong. But in Western countries, it will be considered unrefined and messy. Different tastes completely. Personally, I think that Toyota is lost, and living temporarily on its past glory.

  2. It's bottom dentures fell off, and the designer kicked them under the vehicle, hoping nobody would notice. None of the Toyota execs did. Again.

  3. After looking at the pictures some more, I want to say that Toyota should rename this Land Shark. The problem is I've never seen a shark with superfluous haunches and a bucktoothed overbite.

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