Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S Sedan (UPDATE: It’s NOT!)

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Could be…

It is no big secret that Toyota is working on a compact sedan based on the GT86. Which would be great.
Now we have the picture form the Dubai Auto Show (of all places), claiming this is a concept version of the upcoming sedan.

It looks really good. Although these rear doors are really tiny.
And let’s hope it doesn’t take as long for Toyota to put this into production. As they were endless showings of the concept before the coupe actually came out.

And also, please please. Replace the whole interior.

Well, as it turns out, this is a fake. While Toyota is working on a 4 door car based on the GT86 chassis, this is NOT it.

This is the official picture used to make the fake 4 door car.
And by the way, this shows us how great the original concept was. back in 2009!

I forgot how heat that car looked.
The completely ruined the design when they went to production. I mean just look at it.
And that interior! Simple yet very modern and different.

It is really a shame. The production model really looks like crap compared to this….

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  1. SO disappointed in the FR-S/BRZ interiors.

    I realize these aren't luxury cars. And that they are designed more for performance than interior styling.

    But c'mon…. Cheap is cheap!!

    But it sure made my buying decision easier… I didn't go for either one because I just couldn't live with that crappy interior.

  2. I was thinking how bad the production car looks too. Not bad, I guess, but like it's due for a refresh any day now. Dated.

  3. Vince I couldn't agree with you more regarding the crappy interior. Although auto online publications have raved about the superb handling only some have commented about that awfully cheap, disposable, crabby interior.

    Well having seen the interior up close and personal, butt ugly and garishly cheap are the best words to describe it. I can't even stand those damn uncomfortable seats which must have been designed by a sadist.

    Toyota made a good looking car with very good driving dynamics and ruined the car by giving it a rock bottom, dirt cheap interior.

    I would rather get a base Genesis Coupe instead of this car.

  4. When it was about to come out and subsequently the first reviews after it launched were raving about this car. Then, of course, the truth came out, when the marketing blitz ended and the hired guns went on to other "reviews"; It is a nice handling car, but underpowered, cheap inside, and noisy as hell. In other words, this is for the 18-22 year old crowd. Which is fine, but do they need another 4door econobox?

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